About Us


Joe's Wicked Good Jerky was established in 2015, and is distributed out of Redding, CA.

A Jerky Made for the Outdoors

Our jerky is brimming with flavor and chews like a real steak. It has to be that way to satisfy the thousands of outdoor enthusiasts who rely on high protein meat snacks to fuel their activities. From fishing, hiking, snow skiing, water sports, rafting down the Sacramento River, our jerky is perfect for you!

Who is Joe?

Joe Nixt and his wife Traci are the faces behind the brand. The couple are native Californians and live in the North State, just a jerky's chew from two volcanoes, Mt. Shasta and Mt. Lassen. 

Why is our jerky SO wicked?

Because it's based on recipes that Joe has perfected for decades. 

Joe began making Beef Jerky in the late 1980's.  He made small batches of Sweet 'N Spicy and Peppered and gave out to friends over the years while golfing, boating, traveling and just hanging out. He has always wanted to start his own Beef Jerky business and in 2015 he and his wife committed to it.

Our Gourmet Beef Jerky has been reviewed by Steve Johnson with Best Beef Jerky.org (our Regular Joe was rated BEST by Steve in 2015), Jerky Ingredients, and The Jerky Report. We can also be found on JerkyUP.com, a Jerky Brand Ambassador.  If you would like to see how we fared in those reviews, just click on the product below and follow the link of your choice in the description.

When we think of Beef Jerky, we think of a flavorful snack without all the fat.  This protein rich snack helps curb your appetite and ward off unwanted cravings.  Plus, it's really good and addicting!

We know Beef Jerky has a fair amount of salt in it, but did you know the white film commonly found on the outside of dried meat is salt?  It is salt that has been dissolved into a marinade, which the beef was soaked in before drying and is perfectly safe to eat.  It's very uncommon for jerky of any kind to be moldy, it's soaked in salty marinade and salt hinders bacterial growth, along with the extensive drying, it's just not a great environment to allow bacteria to grow.

USDA Inspected & Approved

Our beef jerky is manufactured at an offsite USDA-Inspected and approved facility and wholesale meat company located in Rio Linda, California, USA.  Our beef jerky is an extra-lean cut of top round beef produced and packaged with the HIGHEST quality meat products available and the flavor is unique. We pride ourselves on the best quality service, whether you place an order online or we are servicing stores.



The beef jerky recipes are 100% Joe's recipes and they are always evolving and our product is guaranteed!

Stay on the look out for more wonderful flavors to come!

Thank you for your support and business.

Joe and Traci Nixt