Joe's Wicked Good Jerky is a beef jerky company located in Redding, CA.

Welcome to JOE’S WICKED GOOD JERKY. We are happy you chose to navigate our product. Joe Nixt and his wife Traci are the faces behind the brand, and started the company in 2015. They are native Californians and live in the North State where there are an abundance of outdoor activities that are perfect for jerky snacking.  To be honest, we believe our beef jerky is the best beef jerky because it is so full of flavor!

When we think of Beef Jerky, we think of a flavorful snack without all the fat.  This protein rich snack helps curb your appetite and ward off unwanted cravings.  Plus, it's really good and addicting!

We know Beef Jerky has a fair amount of salt in it, but did you know the white film commonly found on the outside of dried meat is salt?  It is salt that has been dissolved into a marinade, which the beef was soaked in before drying and is perfectly safe to eat.  It's very uncommon for jerky of any kind to be moldy, it's soaked in salty marinade and salt hinders bacterial growth, along with the extensive drying, it's just not a great environment to allow bacteria to grow.

Our Gourmet Beef Jerky has been reviewed by Steve Johnson with Best Beef (our Regular Joe was rated BEST by Steve in 2015), Jerky Ingredients, and The Jerky Report. We can also be found on, a Jerky Brand Ambassador.  If you would like to see how we fared in those reviews, just click on the product below and follow the link of your choice in the description.  BUT DON'T JUST TAKE THEIR WORD FOR IT, TRY IT FOR YOURSELF!